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Give your employees a perk that can last a lifetime—easy access to a proven weight loss system that delivers real results.

Help your workers take back control of their health.

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A truly healthy bottom line.

On average, obesity increases healthcare costs by over $4500 per year. We’re here to reverse that trend.

Easy access to expert care.

A team of weight loss experts are all at your employees’ fingertips via our simple, easy-to-use mobile app.

Easy, intuitive tech.

We provide employees with a wireless scale and a super-simple smart phone app so we can keep tabs and keep in touch.

Real work, real results.

The Enara program is not a quick fix—it takes a commitment to lifestyle change. But unlike so many others, it’s proven to work!

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Schedule a complimentary virtual lunch and to learn more about how Enara works.

Real, healthy food.

Unlike all the other programs with their shakes and their bars, Enara focuses on real, whole foods, deliciously prepared.

Results on par with surgery.

average weight loss sustained over two years


average weight loss sustained over two years 1

mg/dl drop in cholesterol


mg/dl drop in cholesterol 1

of patients achieve an A1c below 6.5


of patients achieve an A1c below 6.5 2

of patients get off of diabetes meds


of patients get off of diabetes meds 2

1 Actual results may vary. Based on a 2019 observational study of over 200 Enara patients. 2 Actual results may vary. Based on 2014-2018 Diabetes Cohort Analysis *Actual results may vary. Research studies show that Enara members on average lose and maintain 14% weight loss at 18 months.

And yes, we’re in network with many insurance carriers.

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But don’t just take our word for it.

"Mindful eating..New mantra for weight loss and maintenance. Thank you Enara Health!"

Picture of Jill


"Before Enara, I had given up being in a slimmer body again, but it is the great blood values for lipids and HbA1c that make this a true win. I am so grateful for the support of the Enara team! They got me this far and they are helping me to not lose ground. Yay!"

Picture of Maria


"I am living a life with more energy, more confidence, more options and less body weight. Thanks Enara!"

Picture of Sandi


"XXXL to XL, 48w to 36w, the old me and clothes are gone! It was worth the time and work losing the weight Thank you team Enara" OR "I would have never in my wildest dreams thought this me would be possible"

Picture of John


"I was so confused about food and needed to be "reeducated". I could not stop the snacking and needed accountability."

Picture of Gazal


"Enara has cracked the code - it just works!"

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What does it cost?


With Insurance



* Includes $800 co-pay/deductible credit

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