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Get technology that helps you personalize treatment for you patients at minimal upfront cost (that’s refunded after 50 patients).

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The Enara program is not a quick fix—it takes a commitment to lifestyle change. But unlike so many others, it’s proven to work!

Partner’s In the News

Remy Sharp
Enara Health and Mankato Clinic Partner to Establish Best-in-Class Digital Weight Loss Program in Minnesota

"Obesity is a complex and multi-faceted disease that is inextricably linked to many other common diseases, from heart disease to diabetes to osteoarthritis and more," said Dr. Rami Bailony, Co-Founder and CEO of Enara Health. "By incorporating Enara's comprehensive, physician-driven obesity management program into their system, Mankato Clinic is creating a truly best-in-class weight loss program that will benefit from the support of their numerous specialists."

Remy Sharp
Enara Health Partners with Kafri Heart and Vascular Clinic to Form First Digital Cardiometabolic Center of Excellence

“By partnering with Kafri as the latest expansion of Enara’s clinical weight loss program, we’ll be able to better understand the interplay between weight loss and cardiovascular health. In addition to helping Kafri patients achieve significant, sustained weight loss, we’ll be focused on helping patients to better control or reduce their risk of diabetes, lower their cholesterol and blood pressure, and improve other elements tied to heart and vascular wellness.”

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